Key Account Executive

Quantity:               01 Ha Noi and Northern area

                             01 Ho Chi Minh and Southern area

Working place:     Ha Noi – Ho Chi Minh


1. Job Descriptions

  • Planning, implementing and controlling the Tender in your area.
  • Planning and operational strategies to achieve the Company’s goals.
  • Make a job report, analyze the market and offer sales solutions
  • Advise the leader to choose a subcontractor, supplier.
  • Manage subcontractors, supervise and monitor the progress and quality of work with subcontractors.
  • Recruitment, training, assignment of jobs, areas, management of Sale reps in the area.
  • Working together with the team of Sale reps to build the image of the company, perform customer service, build relationships with the KOL. Good implementation of marketing activities in the managed area.
  • Coordinate with other departments in the management of goods supply, debt …


2. Requirement

  • Age 30 and over.
  • Graduated from Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Economics
  • Experience at least 05 years in the field of Pharmaceuticals
  • Communication skills, persuasion, negotiation and relationship building.
  • Job management skills, skills of building and implementing a plan.
  • Have experience in developing a Tender list for health facilities.
  • Acknowledge the situation of pharmaceutical Tender in the area in charge
  • Acknowledge the circulars and regulations of health insurance
  • Skills of analyzing, synthesizing and handling the situation well
  • Accept business trips to other cities
  • Loving the work, enthusiasm and responsibility
  • Good computer skills


3. Benefits

  • Have the right to participate in training courses and seminars in the country and abroad.
  • Opportunities for higher learning and advancement.
  • Enjoy the New Year holidays mode, tourism in the country and abroad.
  • Income attractive unlimited (Bonus% of sales)
  • Working in a professional environment, friendly, dynamic.
  • Annual social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Covered eating lunch at the Company
  • Many opportunities for advancement


4. Contact filing

The candidates can submit their application via email: – Mrs Thuy.


5. Filing deadline

March 30th, 2017