Product Manager

1. Job Descriptions

  • Presented at the hospital, seminars
  • Develop the content of advertising material.
  • Training for the sales team about products knowledge.
  • Responsible for sales performance, allocating resources and managing costs in charge of the product to achieve its objectives.
  • Manage expenditure by an annual budget of approved products.
  • Research and market analysis of the group in charge, collect customer information
  • Planning workshops related to the product group in charge.
  • Approval and adjustment of the technical information on products across all media publications, advertising to ensure promotional information, product communications adhere to the provisions of the relevant legislation.
  • Work with vendors and partners to handle and supply fast feedback information, inquiry and complaints related to the product.
  • Clues to work, receiving information directly from the manufacturer, salesroom.
  • Report on the marketing, sales to manufacturers and Board of Directors.
  • Manage and complete the legal procedures and the licensing for product development activities in Vietnam market.


2. Requirement

  • Graduated from the University of Medicine, Pharmacy or Biotechnology.
  • Ability to make presentations well.
  • English (listening, speaking, reading and writing): Good
  • At least 03 years working experience in similar position.
  • Candidates with knowledge of drug registration, knowledge of legislation, pharmaceutical macro-management.
  • Good computer skills;
  • Skills to analyze, synthesize, handled the situation well
  • Text editor, good planning
  • Loving the work, enthusiasm and responsibility.


3. Benefits

  • Have the right to participate in training courses and seminars in the country and abroad.
  • Many opportunities for advancement.
  • Enjoy the New Year holidays mode, tourism in the country and abroad.
  • Income attractive unlimited (Bonus% of sales)
  • Wage 13,14,15 (3P policy and salary based on KPI)
  • Working in a professional environment, friendly, dynamic.
  • Annual social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Covered eating lunch at the Company
  • Many opportunities for advancement


4. Contact filling

The candidates can submit their application via email: – Ms. Thuy.


5. Filling deadline

March 15th, 2017