BioGaia Annual Workshop Asia-Pacific 2017

On March 22-24, 2017, Viet Phap International Co., Ltd attended BioGaia’s Annual Conference in the Asia Pacific region. This year, the workshop was held in Phuket – Thailand with the participation of more than 50 representatives from different countries.

2016 was the first year BioGaia achieved sales of more than 500 million SEK, marking a fast and stable development of the company. Also in the past year, BioGaia continued to expand its market by signing exclusive distribution contracts with many new countries.  

BioGaia continued doing many clinical studies to prove its efficacy together with safety and updated these results in the workshop to all partners. Mr. Axel Sjöblad – CEO of BioGaia discussed with the participating representatives about the new product directions that the company is researching and developing in the future.

An indispensable part of the workshop was the presentation from all partners. The representatives updated their latest sales report and the current situation of BioGaia products in their market. Partners share their own experiences and discuss together to find solutions for some difficult challenges that still exist in each country.

Viet Phap is proud to be one of the potential partners of BioGaia which exclusively distributes BioGaia Protectis Drop and BioGaia Protectis Tablet products in Vietnam. We will apply these experiences gained from the workshop and believe that BioGaia products will be more and more trusted and used by customers.