2021 – A Year Full of Difficulties and Challenges

In 2020, Vietnam was one of the most successful countries in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic. However, since April 2021, we have been experiencing our largest outbreak to date with the number of cases and deaths increasing dramatically. Ho Chi Minh is the most affected locale with a total of 431,839 infected cases and 16,779 deaths (November 3, 2021).

Faced with the complicated pandemic situation, Viet Phap sponsors nearly 3,200 bottles of Cotrim-Ratiopharm Ampulen SF 480mg/5ml for free for 07 big hospitals focusing on treating Covid patients.

Cotrim-Ratiopharm Ampulen SF 480mg/5ml is a combination antibiotic Trimethoprim 80mg and Sulfamethoxazole 400mg used to treat many infections caused by bacteria, especially in pneumonia caused by Burkholderia cepacia/COVID-19. This is an essential drug in the treatment of severe Covid-19 patients who are being treated at major hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City – the most affected locale of the country recently.

At the same time, Viet Phap is one of two companies that mainly supply drugs with the API Rocuronium (Rocuronium Invagen 50mg/5ml) – a muscle relaxant in intubation, used for Covid patients requiring mechanical ventilation. Two years of the pandemic have had a heavy impact on the global economy. Especially the cost of raw materials and transportation for the pharmaceutical industry has increased by 30% compared to before. Although the business suffers revenue loss since the input prices increase many times, Viet Phap continues to order Rocuronium Invagen drug to treat serve Covid patients and join hands with hospitals in this tough fight for life. We are proud to be the partner that has always supported the effective prevention of pandemic this whole time.

In addition to accompanying hospitals, Viet Phap also hands out free rice and food to support people in Ho Chi Minh City, especially in the area where many low-income workers and families live.

With each bag of rice distributed, we have one more family to receive help and have warm meals during the day of lockdown. With the spirit of “The good leaves protect the worn-out leaves”, we volunteer to spread our love and share difficulties with Vietnamese people, especially the poor and self-employed groups who have been severely affected by the pandemic. This is a meaningful gift thanks to the efforts of each individual employee of Viet Phap. We still continue to pioneer in joining hands together to leave no one behind in Covid-19 fight.