The 20th Anniversary of Company Establishment

On May 28th, 2022, Viet Phap International Co., Ltd celebrated the 20th Anniversary of company establishment under the participation of the Board of Directors, officers, employees, distinguished guests from the authority and longtime partners.

Over 20 years of establishment and development, Viet Phap is proud to be a leading company in the field of originators, generics from EU, many orphan and essential drugs, especially for specialized therapeutic groups such as oncology, hematology, stem cell transplantation, fertility drugs in IVF … supplied to big hospitals in Vietnam.

Our General Director – Dr. Nguyen Chi Dung gave an extremely emotional speech about the journey of establishment, especially the difficulties from the early days of starting his own business. 20 years is a long time for us to experience the rapidly changing and fierce pharmaceutical business environment in terms of market competition as well as the strict management of the Ministry of Health on drug registration, drug price and tender. 20 years, the greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it. At the same time as the founder and executive of the company, he also shared his wishes and the future orientation of company’s development.

We are very honored to have this ceremony with the presence of distinguished guests from the authority. M.D. Ha Anh Duc – Chief of Office of the Ministry of Health made a speech congratulating the impressive development path of Viet Phap during the past 20 years. As well as recognizing the contributions of Viet Phap in providing high-quality and essential products that have made an important contribution to the improve the quality of Vietnam’s healthcare system. In addition, it is impossible not to mention the company’s non-profit support when providing orphan drugs in time to treat and save the lives of Covid patients during the past two years of the pandemic.


M.D. Ha Anh Duc – Chief of Office of the Ministry of Health

It is very fortunate that during the 20 years of establishment and development, Viet Phap has had a long-standing and respectable cooperative relationship. Representatives of the company’s partners gave sincere speeches, filled with affection and congratulations to our company. We really appreciate and are grateful for the love and friendly cooperation of our partners.

Excellent doctor, Doctor Specialist II. Tran Tuu

Chairman of the board, General Director of SaVi Pharmaceutical JSC

Mrs. Nguyen Thuc Doan

Head of Alvogen Vietnam Representative Office


Pharmacist. Bui Hai Thanh

Director of Van Lang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

Pharmacist. Hoang Xuan Hoan

Director of HQ Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

The 20-year journey has just begun. There will be new difficulties and challenges in the company’s future development, but we believe that under the direction of the Board of Directors, Viet Phap will grow stronger, more successful, innovative and breakthrough!

We are grateful to the past for bringing us here today. But, let’s live in the present with the best things like the most exciting and beautiful years of our lives, “Stay hungry, Stay foolish” and “Forever Entrepreneurial spirit”.

_General Director Dr. Nguyen Chi Dung_