Summer Travel and Our Company’s 15th Anniversary Celebration

Every summer, Viet Phap organizes a short trip for all employees – one of the most expected annual activities of the company. This is the opportunity for us to rest and have fun after stressful working days. This year, the program combines tourism and the 15th-anniversary celebration. One of the world’s new seven wonders of nature – Ha Long Bay is our destination for this summer.

At 8:00 am on July 6, the trip started with a pick of all members from our headquarters, running in the direction of Hanoi – Bac Ninh – Hai Duong – Quang Ninh. After more than 4 hours of journey, the beautiful scenery of Ha Long appeared in front of our eyes.

The first stop was a Hong Kong restaurant about 1km from our accommodation. We enjoyed the first delicious seafood dishes with bold sea flavor. After lunch, the group continued to move to the hotel Wyndham Legend Halong, only about a hundred meters from Bai Chay bridge. Wyndham is one of the most luxurious hotels and the first 5-star hotel in Ha Long. This is a gift from our Board of Directors for all members on the occasion of the 15th Anniversary.

At 9 am on 07/07/2017, the celebration was officially held at Wyndham hotel with special programs. The opening was a dance performance performed by a group of female employees.

Next, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Director Nguyen Chi Dung gave an extremely emotional speech about the company’s journey, especially the difficulties from the first days of opening. At the same time, the concerns, worries and enthusiasm of a founder as well as his wishes and future development orientation are also shared in this speech. Besides, he also did not forget to thank all employees for their dedication to the development of the company.

Following the speech of the Director, on behalf of the employees, Mrs. Tran Bach Lien shared sincere and meaningful speech. She shared her thoughts and feelings for the Board of Directors and colleagues in the company, happy and sad memories, difficulties in business. She also did not forget to send her best wishes to the company and looks forward to sticking with it for a long time and contributing to the company’s development in the future.

Next is the reward for employees who have been with the company for more than 10 years. Among them are those who have been working with the company since the early days of its establishment. The meaningful gift of gratitude from the Board of Directors shows the recognition of the employees’ contributions over the past time and is also a motivation and inspiration for all employees to achieve better results in company development.

Interspersed with the solemn atmosphere of the ceremony were the equally vibrant “homegrown” musical performances performed by the employees. Although they are amateur dancers and singers, thanks to their enthusiastic practice, they had stunning and attractive performances. Sometimes it’s quiet and gentle with the song “Hà Nội mùa thu”, lyrical and poetic with “Nồng nàn Hà Nội”, sometimes vibrant and excited with Flamenco dance.

Besides, an indispensable part of the company’s anniversary programs is the Poetry Contest. There were dozens of poems from all departments in the company participating in the competition. The poets who are not professional but full of enthusiasm have put their feelings into each rustic poem. The main content is praising the ingenious leadership of the captain – our director Mr. Nguyen Chi Dung, who has made a great contribution to building the company to grow as strong as it is today. In addition, the love of work, co-worker relationships and the belief in a promising future are also the main content of the poems.


The final part of the program was an attractive fashion show. Inspired by the company’s main business products, amateur designer Phuong Anh has transformed into fancy costumes. On the vibrant music background, the natural steps of the Sales staff created a fabulous performance.

The celebration ended with the cake cutting and champagne toast while playing the song “Happy Birthday”. Everyone sang happy birthday to the company and clapped their hands to congratulate the successful ceremony.

Right after the main ceremony was other interesting activities. The team-building program was held in the afternoon of the same day at the beautiful Tuan Chau beach. All staff excitedly participated in games under the guidance of the game manager. This activity helped everyone have fun laughing and forget all the fatigue of stressful working days, especially all holding hands to overcome the difficult challenges of each game.

The next day, the members of Viet Phap experienced the Bhaya cruise overnight on the Bay. This seems to be an enjoyable first experience for most people. On the yacht, we had a warm Gala Dinner and all members enjoyed the time-sharing as a family. There were moments of laughter with funny games, or moments of being immersed in sweet melodies in the middle of the mellow night sea.


In addition, we also experienced other interesting activities such as kayaking, admiring the beautiful and majestic Ha Long and visiting famous caves on the Bay.

On the fourth day, we left Ha Long to return to Hanoi after breakfast on the cruise. Although there is a bit of nostalgia for being far from the beautiful coastal city, the Viet Phap members have had many memorable memories during this trip. The trip has given motivation to all members so that everyone is excited to work again and passionately devoted to the development of the company.

The journey of 15 years is not long, but it has marked the continuous transformation and proud milestones of the Viet Phap company. Wish Viet Phap to grow stronger and develop continuously in the future! Thank you to the Board of Directors of the company for giving us the right jobs to make a good life and give us this wonderful journey!