Viet Phap buys supplemental health insurance package for employees

“Health is the most valuable human capital.” Understanding this, in May 2017, the company deployed to buy Baoviet supplemental health insurance for officers and employees who have worked for more than one year and employees’ children from 1 to 12 years old.

The supplemental health insurance package is fully supported by the company with extremely practical utilities such as:

  • Paying for health care expenses for employees and relatives in cases of accident, illness, disease, maternity and dental.
  • Accept payment of treatment costs at all hospitals and clinics that sign payment contracts with Bao Viet.
  • Hospital fee guarantee system with more than 50 reputable and quality hospitals/clinics nationwide.

In addition to the ideal income and friendly corporate culture, the employees have always received attention and care from the company’s leadership with practical remuneration. This is also the reason why each member always wants to stay with the company and try their best to contribute to the development of the company.