Traveling to Sapa 2017 – Viet Phap’s Spring Break

When the Lunar New Year comes everywhere, it is also the time for Spring Break and the Company trip of all members of Viet Phap International Co., Ltd. This year, we come to Sapa – an attractive destination with cherry and plum flowers blooming on the high hills at this time of year.

Coming to Sapa this spring, all members not only have more experiences with the cold of the mist town but also have the opportunity to conquer Fansipan Peak – The Roof of Indochina.

Sitting in the cable cabins, we can enjoy the wonderful view surrounded by mountains, valleys, terraced rice fields and clouds.

After that, we challenged ourselves by climbing 600 steps, visiting the temples for blessing, bowing to the Buddha before reaching the highest peak of Fansipan mountain.

The spectacular natural scenery with the free soul feeling when standing there. We believe that this is one of the most memorable moments in our members.

With this company trip, all members not only have a closer relationship but also come back with more energy for the next working day.

If you are thinking about traveling to Sapa, let’s do it now. We believe that this would be an awesome experience you never want to miss in your life.