Pharmacovigilance Officer

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Working place:   Ha Noi


1. Job Descriptions

  • Research and update legal document guidelines in the field of pharmacovigilance.
  • Implement and apply the pharmacovigilance system from the stage of promulgation, dissemination and implementation guidance to the stage of inspection, evaluation and adjustment.
  • Train and guide pharmacists to collect adverse drug reaction reports from pharmacy departments of hospitals and clinics.
  • Receive, collect, process and send adverse reaction reports and work related to updating drug safety information according to domestic regulations and contracts with partners.
  • Send periodic reports and related reports at the request of partners.


2. Requirements

  • Experience: no experience required.
  • Degree: Graduated from University of Medical and Pharmacy.
  • Working hours from Monday to Friday at the office and receiving medical reports and inquiries outside of office hours (if any).
  • English: good reading and writing skills.
  • Work management skills, planning and implementation skills.
  • Withstand pressure and passion for work.
  • Positive working attitude.


3. Benefits

  • Wage agreement.
  • Dynamic, modern, proactive working environment. Many opportunities for advancement.
  • Have the opportunity to participate in domestic and foreign seminars, improve professional knowledge and work skills.
  • Enjoy the holidays, travel, and insurance according to the regulations of the company and the laws.
  • Annual trip with the company.


4. Contact filling

Candidates can submit their application via the following email:


5. Filling deadline:

June 30th, 2018